I Am Back (Mostly!) on Track Along with the Crazy Weather!

Good morning all!  The weather has gone crazy!  Lol  We have only had a few days of Spring.  Then it changed back to Winter cold.  Now it is going right into hot and humid Summer.  Oh wait!  By this weekend it will be back to Spring!  (Picturing me rolling my eyes!)  Through all of this my bum knee, which is also a good weather indicator, is now all confused and has decided to act like a twisted up weather vane.  😮

Last night was the final straw!  I went and grabbed my newest and most favorite (may have knocked Peppermint out of it’s spot!) essential oil…Deep Blue!  Let me preface by telling you what I did.  I purchased six 5mL roll on bottles and made essential oil roll ons for my family.  I made a Lavender one for my youngest, an On Guard one for my son and a Deep Blue for my hubby.  I mixed fractured coconut oil and five drops of the essential oil into one roll on.  This way each person has their own individual roll on to use with their needed and/or preferred essential oil.  It is also very sanitary! Lol  🙂

Now back to why Deep Blue is my possibly new favorite essential oil! Lol  My knee was hurting so much last night that I finally asked my husband to rub some Deep Blue into the front and back of my knee.  Did I mention I made a second roll on of Deep Blue for the mini first aid kit in my purse?  Hehehe!  Yes I did!  So I grabbed the roll on out of my purse and handed it to my hubby.  After rolling on the Deep Blue, he massaged my knee both front and back of it.  Withing 5 minutes, my knee was feeling much better.  Of course, my husband had to ask why my roll on didn’t have as strong of fragrance as his.  So I explained, his roll on had extra drops of the essential oil.  As I use his for his back and his aches are greater than mine, he needed more of the essential oil rather than the carrier oil.  For his 5mL roll on, there are 10 drops of the essential oil.  😉

Needless to say, my essential oils are working out well for my family.  I have researched on the internet, read books, and even asked aromatherapy people questions about how to use them.  All of this I did before I even found a company to purchase essential oils from.  A great example of learning something new is when I said I used fractured coconut oil, an aromatherapist told me he prefers almond or grapeseed oils as carrier oils because they are not as heavy.  He also said coconut is not one of the ones he, himself, recommends; however, people should use what they are comfortable with.  Anyway, not everyone will have the same results as others when using oils.  All I can say is that so far they have worked for my family and I!  😀

For everyone out in this wide and wonderful world, the crazy weather will mellow soon!  Until then, now that I am getting back on track and will be back to blogging more than once a week, enjoy the little Daily Essentials!! 🙂


Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!  I have been contemplating what to write for this post.  Should I write something inspirational?  Should I tell a wonderful story about my mom?  Should I tell a funny story about each of my kiddos? 😉

I decided to thank all the women in my life who made a difference.  My mom was the center of the world for so long.  Even now I talk to her everyday and still ask her advice when I feel my mothering skills are lacking.  To me, my momma is the best of the best of moms!  🙂

She has stuck by me through everything.  Even when I have disappointed her and let her down with some of my decisions, she has stood by me.  Slap my on the back of the head and tells me to get up and keep going.  Now she has her grandkids to spoil and guide.  Lol  My kids know if there is something they don’t want to talk to us about all they have to do is call grandma.  She listens and helps them through it.  Then she hints that maybe mom and dad could help to if you talk to them.  She is so sneaky like that!! Lol  😉

These days my mom takes great pleasure in teasing me and telling my kids stories which she shouldn’t be telling them!! Lol  My mom is so great that she isn’t jealous when I wish other ladies “Happy Mother’s Day” and thank them for helping when I needed them as well.  To her, she is just happy that I had others to help me and learn from.  So from my heart, “Thank you Mom!  You are my inspiration to be a better person and a better mom.  I know when I was younger, you never won the Mother of the Year Award; however, for the last 15 years you have won it every year!  Since I won’t be winning the Mother of the Year Award anytime soon at least you are!!”  Lol

Now onto the other ladies I wish to say “Thank you” and “Happy Mother’s Day”!  My Aunt Susie, Aunt Gail, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Mary, Aunt Boo, and Mary M. are six of the most awesome aunties a girl could have!  I love each of you and thank you for all the different times you were there for me.  All of you gave love and acceptance to me during different and some times much needed times in my life.  ❤

To all the mothers who have gone before, to all the mothers today, and to all the mothers to be, you are a guiding light.  Shine bright and don’t be afraid to ask others to help you shine.  Love and take care of yourself so you can continue to love and care for others.  Grandmas, Nanas, Aunties, Sisters, Best Friends…all of you help us when needed just by shining your lights!  May the Creator bless and keep you always!  ❤


Happy Friday!! Quote for Today!

Hello everyone!  I couldn’t think of anything to type for a post today.  My brain is just tired! Lol  I know there are topics to discuss, but right now at this point in time nothing is coming to mind.  Thus I have decided to leave you with a quote for the day.

“When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun!’.”
― Groucho Marx


Yes, I have a best friend or two who would be sitting next me with our husbands standing on the other side of the bars shaking their heads at us!! Lol  😀

Have a wonderful day!  And give a smile to all the folks you can because you never know who might need one.  Plus smiles are free!  😉



Oh How I Have Missed You!

And a bright good morning to all!!  I have missed you all so much!  I apologize for being gone so long.  With one crashed computer, it became very hard to get any time on the last computer standing.  Between 4 school reports and a few other computer issues, I decided to let everyone finish their reports and get them out of the way!!  It was pretty awesome to see my kiddos get their reports finished before the due date.  This could explain the odd weather around! 😉

On my hiatus, I went on two more 5 mile walks and a field trip which required me to walk everywhere as well.  The field trip was so much fun, and I had my trustee pack with four bottles of water, two lunches, and two sweatshirts.  It was SUPPOSED to be cold that day! Lol  Needless to say the sweatshirts stayed in the bag.   The two walks were also very relaxing.  On one, I saw the most beautiful shiny, black hummingbird with a red spot right on his chest.  He hovered right in front of me for about a minute.  I tried to get to my phone to get a picture.  Alas I was too slow!  I grinned for the rest of the day!  On the second walk, I didn’t stop to relax at the park as usual.  My stomach decided I was taking to long to feed it! Lol  It was just too funny because my stomach growled louder and louder the closer I walked to the park.  As if to say, “Don’t you dare stop!  Go home and feed me!”  It was hilarious and a little embarrassing as one of the elder gentleman who walks there everyday heard it!! Lmao!  😀

Overall, it has been a very hectic two weeks!  One the one hand, time flew; however, on the other hand, it felt like nothing really got accomplished even though it did.  Now that both computers are working again, I will be back to blogging!  Yeah!  On other note, thank to those who voted on my poll!  It was unanimous…KEEP THE NAME! LOL  Wohoo!  ❤


Blogging 101 Assignment!

Good morning!  I am taking blogging 101 class and today’s assignment is to change the title and tag line.  It’s so funny because before I even put my blog on line, I spent days thinking of and discarding many titles and tag lines.   I really like my title and tag line.  However, I thought I would take a poll and see what the readers think! 😀

I will create the poll and then upload it to the blog page!  Not only am I playing with and learning new tools for my blog, I get to see your, the readers, opinions which will help me to improve my blog!! 😉


Made Me Giggle!

Bear runner pic

This picture reminded me of the post I wrote about hating to run and how I would not ever run again! Lol  As much as I love bears, if one started chasing me, I would become a runner again!!  😉

Remember never say never!!

Walking! I love it!

Good afternoon!  I went on a 4 to 5 mile walk this morning.  It was awesome!  The one thing I did different was to take a little pack with me.  I figured if I am going to be walking further, then I would need to take plenty of water and perhaps a protein snack or two! Lol 🙂

So I packed my pack so it weighed about 5 lbs.  I had a book, two notebooks, a pen (which ended up running out of ink!), and my ear-buds for music.  I only had one bottle of water which was in the side pocket.  At the end of my walk I usually end up at a park.  I had planned on sitting at the park writing and then maybe a little reading; however, the pen I had with me had other plans! Lol 😉

Instead of reading and writing, I just sat there in the shade of a big tree and relaxed.  It was wonderful!  It isn’t very often many of us take an opportunity like this to relax.  I highly recommend it!  🙂

As to the added pack, only my shoulders are achy.  Tomorrow may be a different story however! Lol  As for today, I feel good!  Have a blessed and wonderful week! ❤